Top 5 Hostels in Vietnam


I recently finished my two months long backpacking trip from Northern to Southern Vietnam. It was an absolutely amazing trip, with all its ups and downs, with all the people I met, all the places I saw, and all the new things I got to do. As a typical backpacker, during my travels I mostly stayed at hostels, which is a good option for a solo traveler because it is easy to meet other people there and make new friends, plus hostels are usually quite cheap (as cheap as 4-5 USD per night at some places in Vietnam).

I absolutely love hostels, and I love to stay at different hostels for different purposes and experiences. So after traveling across the whole country and staying at numerous hostels, I decided to make a list of my favorite ones and spread the word. I narrowed my list down to five hostels, all in different places, and all chosen for different reasons. Continue reading


Lunar New Year in Hoi An


Photo by Molly Reed

After three long months of staying put mostly in Thanh Hoa (oh yes, three months in one place is a loooong time in the mind of any traveler.), February finally saw me setting off with my two English lads Ant and Joe towards central Vietnam. Hoi An and Da Nang were waiting for us to spend a few free days of Tet Holiday in a perfect combination of adventuring and partying. Continue reading


On My Way to Life in Vietnam

Life shrinks or expands (3)

Places never look more beautiful to us than in those moments when we’re about to leave soon.

Stepping Into Expansion

It was a cold, but sunny early November, and I had just left my Osijek for the third time to live abroad. The entire week prior to my journey was full of beautiful sunlit city center windows, colorful autumn trees, and wonderful people saying goodbyes. It became almost too beautiful to leave. A part of me wanted to stay, really, to enjoy the safety of my comfort zone. Curl up as a fetus somewhere deep inside my mom’s belly and never come out again. Stay close to the people who I will begin to miss very soon. But the other part knew very well that staying too long would mean missing myself. Continue reading