Fun Taste Spain Adventures: Horse Riding

Learning how to ride a horse had always been one of the top priorities on my long Wish List, and so I jumped at the opportunity to join Fun Taste Spain on their afternoon horse riding excursion. After having experienced two of their other excursions, the one day long Andalusian road trip and kayaking at Tajo del Águila, I was convinced that learning how to ride a horse in their arrangement can be nothing less than great fun. Continue reading


Discovering Jerez

jerez de la no bandera

The first few weeks of my new life in Jerez go by slowly, as there are many new things for me to discover. When I am not at home helping with the family, I head to the city center and allow myself to get lost in the maze of tiny, winding Jerezian streets. Continue reading


Sherry Wines of Jerez de la Frontera


Jerez de la Frontera is famous for its wine industry. The dry-style varieties of this world-renowned sherry wines range from light versions to dark and heavier ones. Some sweet dessert wines are also made. Continue reading


A Life Among the Palm and Orange Trees


The Warm Welcome

I arrived to my new temporary home on Friday, late in the evening, after ten. The members of The Family greeted me with huge, warm smiles. Kisses on both cheeks on the occasion of meeting someone new are a standard greeting in Spain, and I accepted it wholeheartedly. Mar and Antonio, the parents, prepared a simple, but delicious meal with several traditional Spanish products: first a cream soup made of mixed vegetables, and then some bread with jamón serrano, carne mechada, cheese, and chicharrones. The dinner was already waiting for me at the table when I entered the apartment. Continue reading