A Day in Cordoba – Like a Local


During my stay in Andalusia, I had been asking my acquaintances, both locals and travelers, which southern city they cherish most. And to my surprise, most answers did not suggest the famous Seville. Rather, they mentioned either Córdoba or Granada, and so I decided that these two are the must-see gems while I was enjoying my own expat-in-Andalusia experience. Fortunately for me, having participated in Erasmus in Czech Republic last year, I had made a decent number of friends and acquaintances across Europe, particularly in Spain, and one of them just so happens to live and study in Córdoba. What could be better than to connect two pleasant experiences into one – spending time with a dear Erasmus friend, and exploring a new city.

And so I bought the cheapest return bus ticket EVER, considering the distance (only 17.5 euros with Sociobus), and after less than three hours, I was finally there. Continue reading


Fun Taste Spain Adventures: Horse Riding

Learning how to ride a horse had always been one of the top priorities on my long Wish List, and so I jumped at the opportunity to join Fun Taste Spain on their afternoon horse riding excursion. After having experienced two of their other excursions, the one day long Andalusian road trip and kayaking at Tajo del Águila, I was convinced that learning how to ride a horse in their arrangement can be nothing less than great fun. Continue reading


Fun Taste Spain Adventures: Tajo del Águila

There is absolutely no way that my Andalusian experience would’ve been the same without Fun Taste Spain tourist agency and its founder and leader Juan. I already wrote about my road trip with them in one of my previous blog posts, but that was only my first adventure in their arrangement.

Fun Taste Spain offers several different daily excursions for foreigners who live in Jerez de la Frontera, or for the tourists who happen to be passing by. After the awesome road trip I had with these folks, I decided to check out other excursions which offered fun activities while I was living in Andalusia. Continue reading


How to Make the Most of a One Day Long Andalusian Road Trip

Road trip(1)
When coming to Andalusia, I knew it was a region with loads of awesome stuff to check out during my stay here. From mesmerizing architecture, culture, and local way of life in the cities, to the various nature parks, rivers, mountains, and, of course, beaches that are often said to be among the most beautiful ones in the world. Visiting the cities in my own arrangement is not much of a problem, I figured, but discovering the natural beauties without the help of the locals might be a little trickier.   Continue reading