Ronda (Andalusia, Spain)

Ronda (Andalusia, Spain)

Hello! I am Nina. I am a persistent dreamer, restless wanderer, newbie teacher and an aspiring writer with a curious mind and gypsy feet.

I was born to travel the world. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been dreaming about distant, unknown places, planned and unplanned trips, unexpected adventures, discovering new things, meeting different people, learning things that you cannot learn by staying put in one place. I often imagined myself out there somewhere, but never knew where exactly, or how exactly. All I knew was, I wanted to go everywhere, somehow.

I grew up in a small Croatian town, but moved to a bigger city after primary school. During my high-school and university years, I was lucky enough to be a part of several shorter trips through Europe, China, Canada, and USA, mostly with the Vocal Ensemble Brevis, which I joined when I was 14. However, it wasn’t until ten years later that I finally ventured into a whole year of Erasmus student exchange in Czech Republic for the last year of my studies. This decision has been the most important one in my life so far, and has brought on a life-changing experience for me. It was the first step I took towards my childhood dreams of traveling around the world.

Once I finally managed to gather enough courage to move all alone to another country and it turned out to be such an amazing experience, I realized I no longer wanted to spend my life living in just one place. Not for now, at least. The wonderful people that touched my life there reminded me of my passion for travel and helped me realize that it IS possible to turn dreams into reality.

Upon my return from Erasmus, I finished my studies as a Master of Education of English and Croatian Language and Literature, and decided not to pursue a conventional teaching job in my country. Instead, I resolved to volunteer and work my way around the world. So, this is it! My goal now is to spend more time living in different places, chase my dreams across the latitudes, and allow myself to change and develop as I move. And well, to write about it!

I dedicate this blog to myself, to always remind me who I am and who I want to be. I don’t want to write from a perspective of this person standing somewhere high above the ground in a glass cubicle and observing from afar as the sunlight kisses the windows in the city, or the storm sweeps its concrete skeleton down to the ground. My desire is to be down there, immersed into the streets among the sunlit windows, or caught in that storm, getting wet from the rain. I strive to create an exciting life for myself. I want to allow myself to enjoy different sunsets and different beaches of this world, with intriguing people of different mindsets, dazzling spirits, dancing and playing and singing and loving and making love. I will never have peace with staying put in one place for a lifetime. When I think of living this way, I can feel something inside me coming alive; I can feel my heart singing and dancing, and then flying with joy, with such ardor for life. That is my idea of success – to live a life that I can passionately fall in love with.

I dedicate this blog to all my beloved ones who I am bound to be so far away from, so that they may follow me along the way. I dedicate it to all those who I am about to stumble upon somewhere, sometime on my path, and who may wish to share certain chapters of their lives and their magic with me. And finally, I dedicate it to all those who share my love for world, people, life, freedom, change and experience. My wish to you all is to find courage to chase your own personal latitudes, and to create for yourself a life that YOU will fall in love with, whatever it might mean for you.



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