6) The quality of relationships with people around me is my primary driving force.


I always knew that I am a “people person”, but the realization never hit me as hard as it did during the time I spent living in Thanh Hoa. Having people to hang around with occasionally has been nice, and I did make some good friends that will remain in my memory, but none of the relationships I established with the people here has reached the point of connection or closeness that is necessary for me to feel like I’ve really made a strong, lasting bond.

In all kinds of relationships in my life, I like to go deep. I love building meaningful, close, intimate friendships and relationships. I like spending quality time with people, getting to know the person to their core, knowing their best and worst parts, and still accepting them and feeling accepted and appreciated by them. I am fortunate enough to have quite a few friends of that kind back at home, and also a few of them around the world, all the people that I met during my previous travels. But here in Thanh Hoa, it just didn’t happen for me. I didn’t manage to find those special connections that would feed my soul.

Now that I see that people matter to me even more than I had thought, I need to take this into consideration when choosing a place where I want to stay long term. What kind of people come into that place and what kind of people stick around? What kind of people live there? What is the cultural scene of the place? What prevails – monotony or diversity? Those are the questions worth asking prior to moving for work somewhere.

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2 thoughts on “6) The quality of relationships with people around me is my primary driving force.

  1. The quality of relationships with people around me is my primary driving force.

    I mean, this should be valid for everyone. This shouldn’t be some kind of discovery that one makes at some point in his/her life. Don’t you think so?


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