5) Having a good, well-paid job is not enough (for me).


We all need money, that’s the reality we live in. But while for some people having a lot of money might be among the top priorities, it has never been like that for me. I have realized this here more than ever – even though I had a good job that paid enough so I could cover all my living costs, live comfortably, and still save enough money to travel after just 8-9 months of work, I wasn’t satisfied.

Feeling good in the place where I live, having the right kind of people around me, and being able to enjoy my vast range of hobbies and interests is something that I value far more than money. If I had just enough money to get by, but didn’t lack in those other things, I would’ve been much happier.

Therefore, to feel content I need to seek out places that offer more than just a well-paid job. My advice to anyone who has wandering feet like me and wants to combine work and travel is to consider other aspects of life when deciding where to go, and not just the workload and salary.

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One thought on “5) Having a good, well-paid job is not enough (for me).

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