1) Choose a place that speaks to your soul.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.

I’ve never really traveled or lived in a place abroad that I so strongly disliked, so this was a first for me. As I didn’t have much experience teaching English before this job, and since I’m not a native speaker, finding that first big gig abroad was somewhat limited for me. So after spending three months looking for jobs in Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam, when this gig came up, I was already frustrated and scared that I wouldn’t be able to get anything else soon, and I wanted to leave home so badly. So even though I predicted that Thanh Hoa city would not exactly be budding with other expats, travelers and interesting experiences, I decided to accept the job.

But now I know that a place where I can live happily has to be a place that speaks to my soul in some way. I have to feel a connection to it, I can’t exactly explain what it is, because it’s a feeling you get – just like when you meet someone new, and you immediately feel that you can connect with that person in some unique way and it’s easy to create a friendship or whatever kind of a relationship with them. It’s the same with places for me.

I don’t regret my decision since this was a good teaching experience. But now I know that in the future I need to first travel to a place to see how I like it, to feel the vibe, to look around and see what kind of experience I can have there.

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