Fun Taste Spain Adventures: Tajo del Águila

There is absolutely no way that my Andalusian experience would’ve been the same without Fun Taste Spain tourist agency and its founder and leader Juan. I already wrote about my road trip with them in one of my previous blog posts, but that was only my first adventure in their arrangement.

Fun Taste Spain offers several different daily excursions for foreigners who live in Jerez de la Frontera, or for the tourists who happen to be passing by. After the awesome road trip I had with these folks, I decided to check out other excursions which offered fun activities while I was living in Andalusia.

Climbing the Rock

Tajo del Águila is a part of the Guadalcacin Reservoir, one of the largest in Spain. It is open to activities such as camping, hiking, canoeing, and zip lining. The place is ideal for fishing and photography enthusiasts.

My Italian friend Angelo and I joined Juan on this excursion on a sunny, warm day in early April. Juan’s girlfriend and co-worker Gabriela was in charge of music which created great atmosphere in the car. We were having a blast already, and we hadn’t even gotten to our destination yet.

After arrival, the first thing on our schedule was climbing the rock to admire the amazing views of Sierra Cadiz and the Natural Park of Alcornocales. A short hike took us to the edge of the rock above the lake, where the wind was so strong it almost blew us away. There was no chance whatsoever of keeping my hair in place for the perfect photo – it had “gone with the wind” the moment I stepped on that platform!



There’s a first time for everything in life.

Well, this time was a first-timer for me on the zip line. And by the way, I am terrified of heights!

Seeing the cable that I was supposed to use to slide over to the other side of a small canyon left me absolutely frozen. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to do it, although the other side wasn’t as far away as it can be in other zip-lining places. Everyone could see that I was scared, so I had to endure a bit of good-hearted teasing.

In the end, after all the efforts of my co-travelers to encourage me to let go and get to that so-close-but-so-far other side, I decided to finally push myself over the canyon. But not before asking the cute assistant to get a kiss on the cheek!
Hey, don’t judge! I could’ve died there, you can never know!

I screamed, of course, but I realized after approximately two seconds that it wasn’t that scary at all. I kept screaming just for fun anyways. The adrenaline was high and the trip suddenly seemed too short. How did I cross so fast?! More! I want more!

We all wanted more, so we all did the zip-line twice!

Kayaking Over the Lake

After that, we decided to wait for our turn for kayaking in the nature. Equipped with sandwiches and home-made salads, we had a lovely picnic sitting around one of the wooden tables placed around randomly in the nature.

Then we were ready. Another first-timer for me!

Kayaking didn’t scare me as the zip-line did, but rowing against the stream did represent a small challenge for me, as I am usually such a non-sporty person. Angelo was probably responsible for most of the moving we did in our two-seat kayak, but I like to think that I did help at least a little!

We crossed the lake and got out of the water on the other side, where we enjoyed the sounds and smells of stunning nature. We spotted two horses, one black and one white, roaming around free in our vicinity, so I wandered away to get closer to them. I tiptoed as close as I could without disturbing them and observed them for a while. I took in the calmness of the nature in all its grace, enjoying the fresh breeze and the warm sunlight. It was my favorite part of the trip and I regretted not being able to take my camera along.

After two hours of rowing and resting in the nature, it was time to go back and return the kayaks. The day was still bright and nobody felt like going home yet, so we sat in the local restaurant for coffee and ice-cream accompanied by afternoon sunlight and views of the lakes. We all felt tired but content, and we kept the conversation flowing easily.

The day had fulfilled everyone’s expectations, and we already started making plans for the upcoming Fun Taste Spain excursions.


I am not paid to promote the work of Fun Taste Spain.
I joined them on some of their excursions
and simply decided to write about it
because it was absolutely awesome!

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